Our Ten’s List: Mad Scientists!

Our Ten's List: Craziest Mad Scientists! Madness month rolls on, as we look at some of the best lunatics science has to offer.  When Tony Stark declared he and Bruce Banner were mad scientists in the latest Avengers movie I cried bullshit, because no self respecting maniac would be so bland.  … Continue reading

Hercules: Big, Dumb Fun

Movie Review:  Hercules This month we get a Hercules movie, courtesy of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, that seeks to rehabilitate Herc's reputation with movie goers.  February's Legend of Hercules, a movie that looked more like a mash up of "Spartacus- Blood and Sand" with elements of … Continue reading

Retro Review: Mister Boogedy.

Retro Review: Mister Boogedy. The witching hour has passed, and thus Halloween has been saved for yet another year.  Now onto Thanksgiving.  In order to celebrate this transition, I've selected a Straight-to-Television movie that is both a Halloween and a Thanksgiving film.  I know.  I'm … Continue reading