Short Film Review: Mamá.

Short Film Review: Mamá. Before they collaborated on IT, Andres and Barbara Muschietti made Mamá, a tight little horror film. Andres Muschietti became one of Hollywood's hot new horror phenoms with his record breaking adaptation of Stephen King's IT.  Before that, he caught the attention of … Continue reading

Movie Review: Brightburn.

Movie Review: Brightburn. This dark riff on Superman's origin story doesn't delve deeply into its ideas, instead focusing on its horror elements. You don't have to be big into comic books to know Superman's origins:  a baby from space lands on Earth and is adopted by the saintly Ma and Pa … Continue reading

Movie Review: Overlord.

Movie Review: Overlord. Overlord is a solid blend of World War 2 thriller and occult horror that has fireworks on both fronts. Bad Robot played their cards very close to their vest with Overlord.  A sci-fi horror film set in the traditions of a World War 2 thriller, rumors were rife that this … Continue reading