VOD Review: Warrior

VOD Review: Warrior Warrior walks the razor's edge of melodrama, but its dedication to staying in character yields a satisfying, emotional film. Well, it's another day ending in Y, so time for me to review another fight movie! This time around it's Warrior, a 2011 film starring Tom Hardy, Tom … Continue reading

Movie Review: The Revenant

The Revenant:  Beautiful and...? This week, I finally got around to watching the most Oscar nominated movie of the year, The Revenant.  I'd been planning on reviewing it for a while, and it was even on my most anticipated movies of the year list, last year.  Between then and now, it kind of … Continue reading

Mad Max Fury Road: Witness It!

Movie Review:  Mad Max Fury Road Mad Max returns, after having wandered through the Hollywood wastelands for 30 years.  George Miller returns to the helm as director for the 4th movie in the franchise he created.  Tom Hardy takes over for Mel Gibson as the titular Max Rockatansky, and while he … Continue reading