VOD Review Extinction

Movie Review Extinction Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice...well at least it's "free". OK, Netflix, by now I should know better than to expect much out of your sci-fi offerings, but you get me every time. I am an apocalypse/dystopian junky so naturally I cannot help myself, no matter how … Continue reading

VOD Review: How It Ends

How It Ends Review. "When Will It End" would be more fitting! Post apocalypse/end of the world flicks are perhaps some of my favorite films.  Due to the B movie nature of this genre, the bar does not have to be set to high for me to walk away satisfied. With that being said - How It Ends … Continue reading

Binge Or Purge?: Black Lightning

Binge Or Purge? Black Lightning When I was kid there were only a handful of superhero films.  I sat through decidedly B films such as Spiderman, Fantastic 4 and The Phantom and was happy about it.  Now, superheroes are saturating all media, and each month seems to bring us a TV show or film … Continue reading

Binge or Purge?: The Hollow.

Binge or Purge?: The Hollow. Netflix's new animated show, The Hollow, mashes together themes and styles aplenty.  Your enjoyment is going to hinge on how many of the component parts suit your tastes. The Hollow is one of those Netflix shows that doesn't get any hype.  For some reason, the … Continue reading