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Popstar never stop stopping

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This week we have another trio of trailers that are sure to annoy you – Popstar: Never Stop Stopping, Kubo and The Do Over.  Welcome to the feature where we collect the best of the worst when it comes to news and trailers.

Terse Trailers Popstar Never Stop Stopping

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

Andy Samberg has never stopped making enjoyable short films and skits on SNL, and Lonely Island has never stopped making music vidoes that will make you nod your head and chuckle at the same time… However I’m stopping at Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping.

While Popstar is loaded with a who’s who of comedy, I’m not buying this extended SNL skit as feature film worth the price of admission. Sure it’s a funny premise, but much like A Night At the Roxbury or The Coneheads, Popstar is 3 jokes prolonged over ninety minutes.

Popstar Never Stop Never Stopping is a giant F-U to anyone with half a brain over 14 years old. While at the very least Sandler’s early films may have been moronic, they were original in content and hilarious in their own right.  This music business farce feels overly familiar.   Instead of the subtitle never stop never stopping, perhaps Samberg should have used This Is Spinal Tap 2016.


Kubo And The Two Strings

Smart choice to use The Beatles’ “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” as part of this trailer’s soundtrack;  it is  such a classic song and guaranteed to stir up some emotions. Good thing, too, since Kubo fails to do so on its own.

The trailer states “An Adventure Like No Other” and I’ll have to disagree with Laika studio’s here. Kubo’s concept is indeed different – A boy with magical powers that manifest themselves through his guitar. Ok, I don’t think I’ve seen that one before.. The rest of the story falls into line with every story that has ever been told in this genre however:

  • Boy runs away onto epic quest.
  • Boy meets wise animal companion.
  • Boy meets great warrior companion that is serious and unintentionally funny.
  • Boy’s adventure is fraught with bad guys and danger.

Kubo and The Two Strings follows the formula that Disney/Pixar has laid down before them, and while it may not be a bad formula it’s just not fresh or exciting. Kubo looks to be a charming little film, with real star power, and it may turn out to be a great story, it’s a shame that despite the novel setting, we’re getting more of the same in terms of actual plot.


The Do Over

With all the great original content that Netflix that has been putting out lately, it’s easy to overlook a few duds here and there.

Enter Adam Sandler.

Once the king of the Box Office, the past few years have not been kind to Sandler, as each major release has flopped harder than the previous one. So it made sense when he inked the four movie deal with Netflix. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement for the two. For Netflix, despite Sandler’s waning success, he is still a big name draw who they are getting for fire-sale prices, and for Sandler this is a chance to make the movies he wants to make without having to worry about turning a profit, and hopefully revitalize his career in the process.

Sandler’s first release on Netflix, The Ridiculous Six, was bad. Just plain bad. The Do Over does not appear to be any better, and the teaser trailer does nothing to put my mind at ease.


As with all of Adam Sandler’s movies- hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

The Legend of Tarzan

Hey, did you like all of the cool CG monkeys from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes?  Did you wish there was an ugly CG dude in in a loincloth swinging around with them and punching gorillas in the face?  What, no to both of those?  Well, do we have a treat for you…there’s a new Tarzan movie on the way!

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hk8QXTuO9WM[/embedyt]

This trailer looks bad.  I’ve sat through it in both standard definition and IMAX, and even on the biggest of screens the action looks terrible.  There doesn’t seem to be anything in the movie that the studio wasn’t happy to replace with CG.  The monkeys are animated, and look mostly OK.  The cape buffalo are animated, and look like a kids flip book, if that kid had never gotten a good look at a cape buffalo.  The worst part is that Tarzan is almost completely animated, and I don’t mean in the Phil Collins crooning during a Disney flick way.  This is more like The Amazing Spider-Man in the jungle.  The only time the actor appears to have been necessary is when they needed somebody with washboard abs to stand around in awkward poses, trying to look tough.  They even seem to have animated him running through a field.  What, Alexander Skarsgard too good to run through a field in real life?  Come on.  You’ve got to try better than this shit in 2016.


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