Terse Trailers: The Chickening, Ultraman, We Are Twisted Sister

The chickening movie trailer

Terse Trailers

Here at Deluxe Video Online we love our trailers. We love the hopes and dreams that they inspire. The anticipation that they build and the nerd rage that they can invoke (re:TMNT or the Transformer franchises). Yes, we love our trailers here… we just love some of them less. It’s like having two kids:  you say they love them the same but we know the truth. One kid behaves perfectly and gets straight A’s. You probably talk so much about their achievements that your facebook page has turned into a creepy shrine to said child.  However the other kid is a bit bizarre… probably had an invisible friend for a little too long or is torturing small animals. Perhaps the child is just boring and dull. Regardless you still have to acknowledge their existence as quickly and painlessly as possible. So with that said, I present to you: Terse Trailers, where we cover the new and bizarre coming to a screen near you.

The Chickening

A spoof on the Stephen King classic The Shining, The Chickening is off the wall. To even classify it as a parody is a bit of a stretch. However if you enjoyed Loaded Weapon, Silence Of The Hams, or the Scary Movie franchise this may be for you.


The trailer for The Chickening was worth a few cheap laughs, particularly the scene with the Hip Hop twins doing a “come play with me daddy” remix. Otherwise it looks just terrible. I hate, hate the super-imposed mouth shit.  This looks like You Tube threw up and made a movie out of the experience.

See it? Yeah, I’ll probably be drunk at some point and see it on Amazon prime or Netflix. Then be filled with self loathing in the morning.

We Are Twisted F***ing Sister

I am not a Twisted Sister fan. I have never been to one of their shows, never owned an album, and probably never will. I’ve heard We’re Not Gonna Take It, watched Dee Snider’s Strangeland, and yet I couldn’t care less about this band.


That being said…their origin story is quite interesting, and compelling. I honestly had no clue until I saw this trailer.I assumed they were another Glam Rock band and apparently I was wrong.

See It? I’m not quite ready to slip on some spandex or plaster on mascara, but We Are F***ing Twisted Sister has me sold.

Ultraman 2016

Not sure if this is a real thing. Rumors have been around that there would be an American made Ultraman since 2013, linking Will Smith to the role of Ultraman. A prolific TV show in Japan, I had the opportunity to watch a compilation at my dad’s video store in the 80’s, and as a child I loved it. Back then there were no MCU Or DCU flicks; superheroes were a novelty and you were ecstatic to devour any Superhero movie. In today’s world Ultraman faces much stiffer completion.

Worst.. CGI.. Ever..  It looks like a first years student’s concept video. One part of me hopes it’s fake, the other half added Ultraman news to his Feedly app.

See It? Regardless of the end product, I love Kaiju and will watch Ultraman 2016 if it comes to fruition.  However, I have higher hopes that we will see the indefinitely delayed Pacific Rim 2 before we see Ultraman 2016.

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