Viewers Shun Gods of Egypt, Worship Deadpool Instead.

I'm screwed, aren't I?

Religion has nothing on Deadpool at the Box Office

A bit late from this one as Neil and I recover from our Oscars hangover. It appears as if the Box Office fared slightly better than Chris Rock’s girl scout cookie campaign.

The Marvel anti-hero Deadpool, continues to draw moviegoers in, earning 31.5 million in it’s third week since release. Great job for a movie that survived development hell. The total domestic

Deadpoll Box Office Wrap up
That’s the smell of success!

earnings for 20th Century Fox’s comic book adaptation starring Ryan Reynolds as Marvel’s “merc with a mouth” now has earned $285.6 million, making it the third highest-grossing R-rated film behind American Sniper and The Passion of the Christ.  Hopefully this opens the door for more “Mature” comic book films..

The racy Deadpool directed by Tim Miller, also passed the $600m worldwide, and will conceivably The Matrix Reloaded’s $742m mark as the highest-grossing R-rated movie of all time – Deadpool has currently earned $609.8 million.

Speaking of Hell, The God’s Of Egypt, starring Gerard Butler, flopped to biblical proportions as most viewers heeded Neil’s warnings in Coming Soon Trailers and Our Least Anticipated Movies 2016. Earning a meagre $14 million on a $140 budget we can consider Lionsgate’s The God’s Of Egypt 2016’s first big flop.

GodsOf Egypt Box Office Wrap UpGods of Egypt perhaps was a recipient of the Hollywood diversity conversation for casting mostly white actors in a film based on Egyptian mythology.

Neil hit the nail on the head here:

Next week we get to witness the jankiest, CGI crapfest to ever cast a dozen white guys as Egyptians…since the last time Hollywood set a film in Egypt.  Egypt is in Africa, people.  Not a very high concentration of blond haired, blue eyed folks thereabouts

– Neil Worcester

The film’s director Alex Proyas apologized in a statement in November, perhaps too little too late and Lionsgate issued a separate statement that said they are deeply committed to making films that reflect the diversity of their audiences and pledged to do better.

He probably should have left it at that, however Alex goes off on the critical reception:

NOTHING CONFIRMS RAMPANT STUPIDITY FASTER… Than reading reviews of my own movies… This time of course they (critics) have bigger axes to grind – they can rip into my movie while trying to make their mainly pale a–es look so politically correct by screaming ‘white-wash!!!’ like the deranged idiots they all are.

-Alex Proyas

Yeah that’s not going to help, Prediction: Alex’s next film will be Puppetmaster 15 on VOD.

Elsewhere In Box Office News

Eddie-the-Eagle-Box office

Kung Fu Panda 3 continued its strong performance placing at No. 3 with 9 million, while faith-based drama Risen earned $7 million slipping to fourth.

Eddie The Eagle, the Taron Egerton/Hugh Jackman dramedy about a 1988 Olympic ski jumper trying his luck in the Olympic games earned $6.3 million for its debut weekend. Not great but not bad considering it cost roughly 23 million. With The Race and now Eddie The Eagle performing poorly at the Box Office perhaps we will be spared these Olympic biopics for a while.

John Hillcoat’s Triple 9, was the third new release of the weekend earning 6.1 million.  The murderous cop thriller, whose title is stands for the police code for “officer down,” is about a group of corrupt cops planning to murder one of their own to provide a distraction for a heist.

Box Office Results

1. Deadpool, $31.5 million

2. Gods of Egypt, $14 million

3.Kung Fu Panda 3, $9 million

4. Risen, $7 million.

5. Eddie the Eagle, $6.3 million.

6. Triple 9, $6.1 million

7. How To Be Single, $5.2 million

8. The Witch, $5 million.

9. Race, $4.3 million.

10. The Revenant, $3.8 million

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