This Week in Box Office History: Rain Delay

Noah this week in box office history

This Week in Box Office History

TWBOH takes a look at the last 30 years of top grossing movies.  Sifting through the celluloid, we review audience preferences and spot the trends in movie watching history.  Very little changed, so we appear to have moved into another holding pattern where the same 10 movies keep boxing out competition.  At the box.  Good grief, let’s move on.

The Week That Was:  Looks like Rain…

Noah was the big winner last week, managing to flood the un-Divergent out of first place.  Critics have pretty much blessed the picture  score wise, but picking apart the reviews, the best I can say is that Noah is being damned with faint praise.  While we’re on this subject, let me indulge in a rant on critics:

arnold stop it*Review Pro-Tip*  If your review starts with a complaint, ends with a complaint, and contains numerous complaints, DON’T GIVE THE DAMN MOVIE 4 out of 5 STARS!  Hell, don’t give it 3 out of 5.  3 out of 5 means BETTER THAN AVERAGE!  Seriously, do the math.  I’ve noticed that every time I read a critical review in which the gist is overwhelmingly negative, the movie still gets a better than average rating.  YOU’RE FUCKING UP THE METRIC by refusing to give an honest score.  STOP IT!

OK, where was I?  Oh, picks.  Divergent held on to second place as predicted, but The Muppets managed to hang on to third, upsetting my pick, The Grand Budapest Hotel, and denying me a perfect score.

The Week That Will Be:  Predictions

Divergent movie box office history
Thanks for staying on theme…now go away please.

#3:  Divergent:  This movie will still make the cut, simply because nobody else is foolish enough to release alongside Marvel’s new behemoth.  I see it making another 10 million this week, enough for a third place finish.

Noah This week in Box office history#2:  Noah: Aronofsky will manage to bob around the kiddie pool that March created, and by dint of actually having some steam left to lose, manage to keep afloat to the tun of 20-25 million.



captain-america-the-winter-soldier-poster-shield#1:  Captain America, The Winter Soldier:  Cap has had trouble establishing himself apart from The Avengers, but has managed to generate solid buzz this time around with a more serious and somber approach.  Add to this that ABSOLUTELY nothing else is coming out this week to challenge him, and you have a cake walk for the Spangled Avenger.  I can see 70-80 million for this film and first place by a mile.


Notable Movies

Rain Man movie box office historyAs mentioned previously, we’re in another slump where very little new has managed to crack the list of Box Office winners.  The 2000’s still remain solidly kid friendly, with digitally animated films like Aliens Vs. Monsters and How to Train Your Dragon dominating the field.  The 80’s remains firmly in the hands of the campy/raunchy comedy film, with Police Academy, Porky‘s and Major League iterations all doing well.

About the only movie worth mentioning is 1989’s Rain Man, and I only bring that romp up due to April’s “Rain” movie theme.  Thanks, Tom, for helping the cause.  And stop being so hard on K-Mart.

Information courtesy of Box Office Mojo.  Used with permission.

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