This Week in Box Office History: Sniper!

In a rare twist, Cooper actually gives Kyle more humanity after this shot than his memoir.

This Week in Box Office History

After a long stint without flexing my movie money predicting muscles, I managed to go 2 for 3 for my first picks of 2015 (not counting my attempts to predict the top 3 grossing films of 2015, which we won’t get results for till December, when Star Wars makes its return to theaters.)  I managed to only underestimate winner American Sniper by a piddling…50 million dollars.  Take this act to Vegas, baby!

The Week That Was:  Results (Actual/Predicted)

90 million dollars? That's like 500k a headshot, right?
90 million dollars? That’s like 500k per headshot, right?

1.  American Sniper (89 Million)/  American Sniper (40 Million)

2.  The Wedding Ringer  (20 Million)/  The Wedding Ringer (25 Million)

3.  Paddington  (19 Million)/  Taken 3 (21 Million)

Holy hell, American Sniper exploded this weekend at the box office.  At 89 million for the regular weekend, and a whopping 107 million for the longer MLK holiday weekend, Clint Eastwood and Bradley Cooper absolutely destroyed the competition.  This is superhero movie kinds of money.  A lack of stiff competition this upcoming weekend makes American Sniper a lock for another first place take as well.

The Wedding Ringer was a bit of let down for Kevin Hart, under performing his 2014 hit, Ride Along (which previously held the biggest debut in January before American Sniper mauled it this week.)  Taken 3 fell a calamitous 62%, disappearing from the top 3, and Paddington, the CG adaptation of an apparently beloved English bear over performed expectations.

The Week That Will Be:  Predictions

No, J-Lo! Stay away from the windows, there's a sniper out there!
No, J-Lo! Stay away from the windows, there’s a sniper out there!

3.  The Wedding Ringer (13 Million)

2.  The Boy Next Door  (17 Million)

1.  American Sniper  (45 Million)

American Sniper continues to steam roll, adding between 5-10 million dollars a day…on weekdays.  Expect another huge weekend.  Jennifer Lopez stars in another thriller this week, The Boy Next Door.  She has had trouble cracking 20 million with this genre, and the competition is going to be harsh this week.  Kevin Hart can probably hold on for one more week on the list, and anything over 10 million is going to be considered a strong carryover after the lackluster start.

Random Thoughts

Selma did indeed see a strong bounce from the one-two punch of an Oscar nomination and the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend.  Monday saw the film take in 5 million, its largest single day of revenue.  We’re going to have to wait till early February to see any major releases with any hope of taking on American Sniper, so its overall haul should be truly staggering.

The only hope for defeating Clint Eastwood is...that girl from the 70's show and a beefcake elf. Fuck.
The only hope for defeating Clint Eastwood is…that girl from the 70’s show and a beefcake elf. Fuck.

Information courtesy of Box Office Mojo.  Used with permission.

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