This Week In Box Office History: SpongeBob Ascending

This Week in Box Office History

The Super Bowl took it’s predicted chunk out of the Box Office this week, though the New England Patriots were only able to deflate American Sniper by a modest 5 million dollars under my estimate.  Fore everyone else, though, it was a disaster, with none of a trio of new films able to make it into double digits.  This week, a trio of new movies have a chance to upset the reigning champ.  My money is on the sponge.
The Week That Was:  Actual/Predicted

Project_Almanac_poster1.  American Sniper (30 Million)/ American Sniper (35 Million)
2.  Project Almanac(8.6 Million)/ Project Almanac (10 Million)
3.  Paddington (8.2 Million)/  Black and White (7 Million)
Kevin Costner fielded yet another flop this weekend, failing to make any headway against a CGI bear and a Sci-Fi flick financed by Michael Bay.  For the first time since ever, I actually OVER estimated American Sniper, which sank more than 50%, though it still made a tremendous amount of money in a difficult weekend.
The Week That Will Be:  Predictions
3.  American Sniper (15 Million)
2.  Jupiter Ascending (20 Million)
1.  SpongeBob Movie:  Sponge Out of Water (30 Million)

spongeSpongeBob is looking to repeat the strong performance (32 Million) of his first film, though I don’t see the franchise as having the sea legs it did over a decade ago.  I would be scratching my head as to why this movie is even being made so long after the popularity of the series has waned, but Hollywood has found that giving old cartoons the CG treatment has managed to consistently make money.  Smurfs and Chipmunks have all made north of 25 million on their debuts, so expect the crew from the pineapple under the sea to unseat American SniperJupiter Ascending would be extremely lucky to scrape by with 20 million, as critical reviews of this space epic have been incredibly negative.

Random Thoughts

I think we can safely say that the Oscar bounce is over, as most of the contenders plummeted last weekend.  How badly?  The Game of Thrones IMAX event (which was just two episodes jammed together plus a teaser trailer for the next season) nearly out earned all of the contenders still in the theater (except Sniper) while only showing in 200 theaters.  That’s a lot of money, Hodor!


Information courtesy of Box Office Mojo.  Used with permission.

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