Thor Hammers The Box Office

thor The Dark World Box office wrap up
No problemo.

Thor: The Dark World proves lightning can strike twice at the Box Office

Box Office Wrap Up


thor The Dark World, Box office wrap up - Deluxe Video Online
By Odin’s Raven please do well!

Marvel and Disney have been on an absolute roll of top grosing films, Thor: The Dark World is no exception coming in at 85.7m this weekend.

Starring Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman The new film topped the originals total of $65.7 million debut, but fell short of the projected 97m estimated earnings.

We should continue to see The Dark World grow throughout the rest of November,  and blossom into another very lucrative franchise for Disney.

Ender's Game Box Office Wrap Up

Liongates hopes of Enders Game turning into a franchise appear to be dashed as it plumetts to the fifth spot earning only 10.2m it’s second weekend and grossing a mere 44m.

Considering Ender’s Game budget of 110m  and Thor: The Dark World  scooping up all the action fans the future looks very bleak for Enders Game indeed.

Without a major push overseas I doubt we will see a sequel.


In it’s first weekend in wide release, 12 Years a Slave Suprises with 6.6m considering the intense nature of the film. But the powerfull content and great buzz coming from this movie, I won’t be suprised to see 12 years gain even more 12 years a slave Deluxe Video Onlinemomentum through Oscar season.

This Weekend’s Box Office Wrap Up 11/8  – 11/13/2013

1) Thor: The Dark World: $86.11


2) Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa: $11.30


3) Free Birds: $11.18


4) Last Vegas: $11.10


5) Ender’s Game: $10.25


6) Gravity: $8.41


7) 12 Years a Slave: $6.60


8) Captain Phillips: $5.80


9) About Time: $5.17


10) Cloudy 2: $2.80







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