Top Ten Christmas Movies

My Top Ten Christmas Movies


Need A break from screaming in laws and drunk kids? ( No I do not have that backwards, come pay me a visit during the holidays) Take a break, lock yourself in a panic room and watch one of my favorite or all of my top ten Christmas movies.



Home Alone Top Ten Christmas Movies10. Home Alone (1990)

Unless you work for child protection services you have to consider Home Alone a Christmas classic. Corny and pretty unbelievable, but entertaing and good for some old fashion slapsticky laughs.

Macaulay Culkin plays 8 year-old Kevin, a misunderstood kid who lives in a big ass house with his family. They’re about to leave for Paris, where they’re going to spend Christmas,

Running late and amidst the confusion Kevin oversleeps and gets left behind because honestly, if you are going to Paris the last thing on your mind is whether or not your prima donna son is on the same continent.

Pesci and Stern made this film, Culkin may have broke out with this film but he was pretty terrible. However Home Alone was a Christmas tradition in my home.


9. Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (2010)


An ingenious and unique Santa Claus origin Story, Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale is an interesting take on the undead and a superb Anti Christmas film that plays well as a parody of the “Thing”.

Not very gory for a horror movie but is plenty creepy. Certainly worth a view if you are tired of the feel good fluff of the season.



Tokyo Godfathers Top Ten Christmas Movies8. Tokyo Godfathers (2003)

What a movie.. Featuring a cast of characters that are complex, well written, that manages to be loathsome but also endearing at the same time.

Satoshi Kon ( Perfect Blue, Paprika) continues to build on his legacy for attention to detail and his exquisite framing of lush lifelike scenes.

Tokyo Godfathers is the story of 3 homeless characters that find a baby in the trash, and follows them in their search for the child’s parents as they encounter their own demons.

Boiled down to the core this is another “Miracles do happen on Christmas” but takes an unconventional route.


Bad Santa Top Ten Christmas Movies7. Bad Santa (2003)


A drunk fornicating Santa? thieving cursing midgets? Children being beaten up by aforementioned drunk Santa? Move over Miracle on 34th street we have a real Christmas classic here!

Probably my favorite Billy Bob Thornton performance since Sling Blade (mmm hmm) Bad Santa is a black comedy about a conman and his partner plan to heist a department store on Christmas, along the way Billy Bob befriends a troubled child as his plan begins to unravel..

Bad Santa is probably not the film for you to gather around the fire with the family but will give you guilty moments where you will bust out laughing.


National lampoons Christmas Vacation Top Ten Christmas Movies6.  National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989)

If there is one thing that never gets old is Clark Griswolds optimism in spite of the fact everything he plan’s for family vacations goes horribly wrong.

Well this time Clark plans to stay home for an old fashioned Christmas. What could possibly go wrong? Well his cousin (Randy Quaid) for starters.

What make this film a classic is Chevy Chase’s enthusiasm as Clark and his Comedic timing. This film certainly displayed his strengths that so often get buried in his other movies. (Exceptions being Fletch and Dirty Work)

Christmas Vacation is a timeless piece of comedy especially if you have to deal with in laws and crazy family during the holidays.

Scrooged Top Ten Christmas Movies5. Scrooged (1988)


The best adaption of A Christmas Carol ever made in my humble opinion. We follow a selfish TV executive Frank Cross (Bill Murray) as he is visited by the three ghosts of Christmas past, present and future, and ultimately has a change of heart.

Murray plays the role as Frank to perfection and the take on the three ghosts are truly memorable and drive this film.


Elf Top Ten Christmas Movies4. Elf (2003)


A human child raised by elves, strikes out to find his identity and reunite with his father, who is on Santa’s “naughty list”

Will Ferrell’s childlike qualities and likable over the top persona lends itself to this charming and often times hysterical movie.

If you enjoy Will Ferrell this film is a must see.

It's A Wonderful Life Top Ten Christmas Movies3.  It’s A Wonderful Life (1947)

It is impossible to make it through the Christmas season without coming across George Bailey’s  Christmas revival on TV.

James Stewart plays George Bailey a poor sap that is down on his luck and attempts suicide on Christmas eve wishing he was never born.

Well Bailey get’s his wish granted by an unusually chipper angel and gets the opportunity to experience a world in which he never existed.

This experience open’s George’s eyes and heart to what is truly important to him.


The Nightmare before christmas Top Ten Christmas Movies2. The Nightmare Before Christmas  (1993)

You either love Tim Burton or hate him, but this little stop animation musical really distances itself from the pack of Christmas movies by being so unique and quirky.

The story revolves around Jack Skelington who tires of Halloween and finds himself intrigued with Christmas. Leading him to kidnap Santa and take over the holiday.




A Christmas Story Top Ten Christmas Movies1. A Christmas Story (1983)

The Movie that had all us boys wanting red rider bb guns, A Christmas story is the definitive Christmas movie.

Obviously the film is about Christmas but I feel the story is more about childhood in general and a touch of Christmas materialism.

One thing that makes A Christmas Story so appealing and special is no matter who you are you have seen this film and can relate it to a time in your life, that is why it never gets old for me








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