Top Ten Sylvester Stallone Movies

Top Ten Sylvester Stallone Movies

Top Ten Sylvester Stallone Movies

Our Ten’s List

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Sylvester Stallone established himself as a force to be reckoned with in hollywood with his directorial debut Rocky, that he also wrote and starred in.  Despite many offers for the script from several big name producers, Stallone  stuck to his guns and demanded the leading role and it paid off in a big way.  Then in 1982 Rambo propelled him into an action film Icon.

Can you picture what the landscape of Hollywood would look like without Stallone? Before you answer that forget about Oscar and Staying Alive and lets take a look at the Top Ten Sylvester Stallone Movies on our Ten’s List.


10. Over The Top (1986)

Over_the_top_(1987) Top Ten Sylvester Stallone Movies

Now I am pretty open minded when it comes to the subject matter in movies. I’ll generally check anything out if it has some buzz. a man stuffing his face with only McDonald’s for 30 days? You bet.

Hell i have even seen the Idiots.  But a movie about arm wrestling? With Sylvester Stallone? Ah screw it I’m in…

The story is pure 80’s cheese ball stuff, A truck driver attempts to reconnect with his son after his wife dies the only way he knows how… Arm wrestling!

Sound silly, and (wait for it) a bit over the top (pause).. But the film delivers in that sense and is quite enjoyable. Stallone manages to evoke real emotion through this movie.


9. The Expendables (2010)

The Expendables 2010 Top Ten Sylvester Stallone movies

What a great Idea this film was, we have seen star-studded movies before in Oceans 12, and Michael Todds’ production of Around the world in eighty days.

But taking the biggest “Action Heroes” of the past 30 years was genius. This movie has Dolph Lundgren in it!

Yes, it bears repeating, Dolph “I must break you” Lundgren. Really nothing more needs to be said of this film.

However for those of you under the age of 30 or don’t know what a comic con is, This film is essentially a beefed up 80’s action film.

The story is silly (and takes itself a bit too seriously), the dialogue can be a bit tough, but it is truly pure mindless entertainment.




8. The Expendables 2

The Expendables 2 Top Ten Sylvester Stallone movies


Dolph “I must break you” Lundgren is back and although I feel as if that is all I really need to say about this movie.

I will say this: Expendables 2 takes itself a little less seriously and has a bit more meat to it with a credible villain.

It succeeds in doing what the first Expendables movie should have been: a parody of the action genre.





7.  Rambo (2008)

Rambo 2008 Top Ten Sylvester Stallone movies

Stallone goes back to the well as John Rambo, yet again.. and it is actually quite enjoyable. It remains true to the Rambo lineage. Action and blood splattering scenes, with the moral: even after being victorious, the world still sucks..

I was surprised, even though the film was a bit uneven at times, I think Stallone managed to pull off a highly stylized update of 80’s action films well.

It certainly doesn’t approach the first two Rambo movies but ends the series on a high note.


6. Rambo: First Blood part 2

Rambo Top Ten Sylvester Stallone movies

This movie has everything you came to expect of the Rambo franchise, alot of violence, explosions, torture, and some scenes that make you shake your head in disbelief. ( Rambo jumps out of the water to snag onto a helicopter) As well as bad acting, Rambo‘s asian guide speaks in broken english, but has no accent.. and rampant homoeroticism throughout the film.

All in all though it entertains and allows you to suspend belief for 90 minutes because the action is just that good.

An additonal kudos has to go to Stallone as he was making this movie while making Rocky 4 and dude was absolutely jacked..





5. Rocky Balboa

rocky-balboa top ten sylvester stallone movies


Stallone must have a record of some sort here, the amount of films in each of his franchises might make George Lucas vomit in his mouth a little.

Rocky Balboa is a sentimental piece of work.  Honestly, this film comes the closest to the first movie out of all the Rocky installments.

It’s a heatwarming movie that will beat the cynic out of you.

The sixth installment in the series is all about determination and courage, much like the first film, and brings the series to a rightfull conclusion.






4. Cop Land (1997)

Cop Land Top ten Sylvester Stallone Movies

Stallone get alot of shit and is the butt of many jokes for his poor choice in roles and being the prototypical action movie star.

Let me remind you, Stallone wrote, directed and starred in Rocky. This man is no slouch when it come to dramatic acting and knows film.

Copland is probably one of his best performances to date. Stallone completely gave himself to this role and it shows in the film.






3. Rocky 4


To be honest there isn’t alot orocky 4 top ten sylvester stallone moviesriginal here. Rocky 4 sets out to prove yet again that everyone loves an underdog. The movie starts out with Rocky’s one time nemesis turned mentor and friend, Apollo Creed, anouncing that he is going to fight Russian star Ivan Drago (Played by Mr. “I must break you” himself, Dolph Lundgeren).

Before the fatefull fight Apollo delivers a speach to Rocky: “We’re never gonna fit the normal life — never, ’cause we’re the warriors . . . and without a war to fight, a warrior might as well be dead.”

Not exactly subtle forshadowing, as Dolph goes onto beats Lando Calrissian to death in the ring.

This leads to another Rocky training montage and sets the stage for a none to subtle USA Vs. Russia Cold War showdown.

Rocky 4 is campy, fun, and delivers on the action.



2. First Blood (1982)

First Blood movie top ten sylvester stallone movies

First blood was less about the over the top comic book hero that Rambo would eventually become. The first installment of the series was darker and much more thought provoking.

Sure, First blood still relied heavily on the action and violence, but the film was smarter,  and not a vehicle for body counts franchise would become. Mixing political elements of veterans right and painting Rambo as more of a victim than the hero he would become in the later movies.

Stallone really sells himself as Rambo in First Blood, running through the woods, living off the land and taking out a bunch of small minded bigots.

The ending could have been stronger but if you are a fan of Stallone this is a must see movie.





1. Rocky (1976)

rocky top ten sylvester stallone movies

Of course the film that really started it all for Stallone checks in at number one. A boxing movie with very little boxing,Which is fine this movie isn’t really about that,

It’s about a naive man that is down on his luck with a good heart, that out of sheer luck gets a one in a million shot to make something of himself and make a place for himself in this world.

Rocky was by no means groundbreaking, in fact it follows the inspirational rags to riches story to a T. What really makes this film work is Stallone.

His performance as Rocky gave the character credibility. No, he wasn’t the prototypical blond hair and blue eyed leading man that the producers had wanted.

He was an average looking, mumbling, everday Joe – a lovable underdog. A mirror into Stallone‘s life and struggles trying to get this script off the ground. That is what connects you to Rocky and made this film triumphant.


















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