Top Ten Zombie Movies

top ten zombie movies world warz brad pitt
Brad Pitt enters the mix with His new zombie movie World War Z

Top Ten Zombie movies


top ten zombie movies world war z brad pitt
Brad Pitt enters the mix with His new zombie movie World War Z


With World War Z hitting VOD and DVD now seems like a good time to review the top ten zombie movies of all time. With the like of The Walking Dead and explosion of zombie literature it appears the undead have taken a bite out of pop culture and will be here for awhile.  This list in my opinion is the top ten zombie movies of all time, next week I will run through the slew of  new zombie movies that make Sharknado look like Shakespeare

top ten zombie movies of all time Top rated Movies
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Oh I spoke too soon


Before we dive in one more note, The Evil Dead series are not Zombie movies. So therefore will not be on this list. They are demons not zombies stop asking! Also I have decided to exclude World War Z from this list, I feel it may have a place on here, however I’m going to rewatch it a few more times before i can objectively rank it as one of my top rated movies of this genre.



10. Planet Terror

Planet-terror-top ten zombie movies


Fast, loud and over the top Robert Rodriguez pays homage to the 60’s – 70’s exploitation movies.  Planet Terror revolves around Go-Go dancer Cherry and her ex-flame El Wray  who are caught in the middle of an undead outbreak. As survivors gather together, the military steps in with their own intentions, and thus let the blood bath begin. A great cast and stylish in the sense that it makes bad movies look good this is certainly worth the watch.













9. Re-Animator

Re-animator top ten zombie movies Top rated Movies

Re-Animator truly embodies the campy movie theme gratuitous nudity, Gore, and blood. However it also operates outside of the standard Horror/Zombie genre by weaving in some drama and comedy. Jeffrey Combs delivers an amazing  performance as Dr. Herbert West, A med student that has tremendous success reanimating dead animals but has yet to try his serum on humans..

Way over the top the Re-Animator delivers, It certainly is a camp classic but has surprisingly sharp dialogue and is actually pretty well done.








8. Versus

versus top ten zombie movies My top rated Movies


Slick and stylish This Yakuza versus zombie flick is an entertaining ride. There’s not much in the plot or story line, and the dialogue can be a hot mess at times but the frenetic pacing, wild action sequence and the blending of genres really make this movie work. I wont dare to say this is a guilty pleasure, simply because the cinematography is masterful, slightly reminiscent of the old John Woo films. Check it out you will be pleasantly surprised by this high octane ride.







7. Day of the Dead

day of the dead top ten zombie movies Top rated Movies



The third installment of Romero’s “trilogy” was widely panned during its initial release, however time has been on Day of the Dead side and it has garnered a little more praise. For me, rewatching this series has given me a greater appreciation of this film. Day of the Dead embodies the qualities of a great zombie movie – bleak and claustrophobic with palpable tension. It was certainly the most ambitious of the original 3 films and yes the movie did stumble at times but not for a lack of effort. Day of the Dead ranks amongst the best zombie movies ever.








6. Return of the Living Dead

return of the living dead top ten movies of all time

A cult classic, this movie succeeds as a satirical homage to Night of the Living Dead. Very well written with a flawless plot, an excellent soundtrack this film delivers the laughs and gore.

Likable characters (even though they are sleazeballs), are forced to do battle with brain hungry zombies when a barrel of chemicals that brings the dead to life is accidentally opened and mayhem ensues.









5. 28 Days Later 

28 days later top ten zombie movies

When terrorists attack a lab that contains diseased chimps who are infected with a “Rage” virus, they unwittingly let loose a plague that lays waste to England and(perhaps)the rest of society. The 28 Days later of the title cuts to a mostly abandoned London where a coma-tized bicycle courier named Jim(Cillian Murphy) wakes up to find himself alone in a hospital. This is what makes 28 days later stand out from the crowd, The shot of empty London streets with the lonely background music has a bigger impact than all the special effects and gore that many current zombie movies rely on as well as the characters here are not super heroes but merely normal people trying to survive. The pacing is perfectly slow and methodical at first, then Director Danny Boyle ramps up the action in the second half of this film and cleverly turns this film into a study of the human race.







4. Zombieland

zombieland top ten zombie movies



Flashy and a nonstop laugh out loud ride, there is not a dull moment in this film. With great all around performances from the cast, I’d almost be tempted to say this was one of Woody Harrelson’s best performances, and Jesse Einsenberg delivering a very convincing and likable character. Zombieland is nothing groundbreaking and is quite predictable, but it is well crafted and isn’t meant to be anything else but entertaining and that it is.







3. Shaun of the Dead

shaun of the dead top ten zombie movies




Coming in at #3 top ten zombie movies of all time  was a very tough choice as this spot could have easily gone to Zombieland. Clever, Witty and charming Shaun of the Dead  blends and parodies romantic comedy and and the zombie genre. Shaun doesn’t hold back on the gore and violence either so there is plenty for all fans of the zombie genre. Perhaps my favorite part of this film is just how long it takes them to realize that anything is actually wrong.





2. Dawn of the Dead

dawn of the dead top ten zombie movies

The plot of this film follows four survivors of the zombie apocalypse that has ensued after the events of Night of the Living Dead as they hold up in a shopping mall to try and hide from the events going on in the outside world. However, this poses another problem, as once their home has been built up in the midst of the atrocities; will our hero’s be able to give up all that they have built?

Romero brilliantly touches on consumerism and how we would react in this given situation. A very realistic approach and proves that not all Zombie movies have to be dumb and just a gorefest (which don’t worry this film has in spades).


1. Night of the Living Dead

night of the living dead top ten zombie movies




No surprise here perhaps the measuring stick of all zombie movies George Romero crafted perhaps one of the most influential movies of all time.  The pacing, uncertainty, sense of dread and hopelessness that Romero had nailed in this film has yet to be recreated. Night of The Living Dead earns its spot as my top rated movie


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