VHS Fest brings collectors together

ONONDAGA COUNTY, N.Y. — DVDs have taken over home video collections; and, internet streaming is growing in popularity every day. But for some collectors, nothing matches the appeal of a videotape.

VHS Fest was held at Cloud City Comics in Shoppingtown Mall Saturday. The event brought together vendors and collectors to sell and trade the tapes. There were even some special new limited edition VHS releases, and a screening of a documentary on VHS collecting.

And while the appeal for many collectors is nostalgia, organizers said some genuinely prefer tapes to more modern formats.

“They like that look. They want that graininess of VHS. For some people, it’s like the LPs, where they like the old sound, the static and the crackles, the dust and the dirt and stuff, they like that about VHS too,” said Ron Bonk, VHS Fest promoter.

Bonk said he hopes to bring VHS Fest back and make it even bigger in the future.

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