This Week in Box Office History: A Hit!?

There's always next year, guys.

This Week in Box Office History

TWBOH takes a look at the last 30 years of top grossing movies.  Sifting through the celluloid, we review audience preferences and spot the trends in movie watching history.  This week I at least score a consolation run as not only managed to pick the #2 movie correctly, but I also correctly predicted the Cardinals losing the World Series.  Things are looking up for me!

There's always next year, guys.
There’s always next year, guys.

The Trends:  October 31st – November 3rd.

The Horror is Dead?

Halloween This week in box office History
4th time’s the charm…

The real oddity this week is that horror movies have performed so well in the past 30 years, and this year has really failed to even field a decent offering.  One movie.  ONE MOVIE in the last month.  To find another Horror movie besides the underwhelming Carrie (2013) you have to all the way back to mid September with Insidious 2.

Get the hell out of that water, cheeseball horror flicks! It's a space opera!
Get the hell out of that water, cheeseball horror flicks! It’s a space opera!

This week in Box office history, 10 of the 30 top earners were horror movies, representing both franchises (Saw 3D, Halloween 4, and I Know What you Did Last Summer) as well as some really great stand alone movies (The People Under the Stairs and Jacob’s Ladder are two of the creepiest movies I can think of.)  That Hollywood could only field one weak remake is baffling.  Did news of the Sci-Fi heavy hitters like Gravity and Ender’s Game scare all of the slasher flicks out of the water?

Think of the Children

Free Birds This week in Box Office History
Bird puns. Hooray.

Another baffling development is how lackluster children’s fair has done.  Cloudy 2 is doing markedly less than its predecessor, and Free Birds was a bit of a turkey, failing to make the top 3.  Some real heavy hitters scored big this week in past round-ups, including last year’s Wreck-it-Ralph, which made 50 million dollars in its debut week.  Monsters, Inc (2001) also debuted with a crushing start well north of the 60 mill mark.  Hell, even fellow poultry film Chicken Little (2005) pulled in 40 million.  What the heck, turkeys?  Get it together!

The Week That Was: Results

Bad Grandpa This Week In Box Office History Its a Hit
We’re number 1! Err, number 2, but close enough!

Once again, if you’re being generous I managed to get two out of the top three movies correctly, though not in order.  I did, however, manage to successfully peg one exactly by holding my nose and picking Jackass for another go around.

My #1 pick, Free Birds tanked pretty hard, though in a rather lackluster field almost managed to hang on to third place, ensuring me a backwards trifecta.   Damn turkeys.  My 2 spot, Bad Grandpa held tight and was correct.  I picked Ender’s Game to be a trailing third, but it wound up make some decent bank and leaped to the top spot.  Though at a measly 28 million, I’m hardly calling it a break away hit.

Lets queue up some more winners, shall we?

The Week That Will Be:

Thor The Dark World This week in box office history
By Odin’s Raven please do well!

#1.  Thor – The Dark World:  This movie is going to splatterize the competition.  With an opening weekend of 65 million for the original, Thor is a heavy favorite, even though few straight up super hero movies are top winners in the last 30 years of Box Office history.





Ender's Game This Week In Box Office History
Somebody show Harrison a puppy or something. He’s bringing me down.

#2.  Ender’s Game:  I feel like a shallow field will allow these two misplaced summer flick’s to hold the top spots.  The last 30 years read like a how to manufacture testosterone manual, so I’m thinking the 20-30 male viewers are going to dominate the seats again and can manage to keep both action films in the running.






Ass Backwards This Week In Box Office History
Charm your way to #3 girls!

#3.  Ass Backwards:  I really don’t know here.  Tempted to go with Jackass again, but I can’t see much money being left after the Titans above duke it out.  I also think there is room for a movie targeting a less beef jerkey fueled demographic can sneak in like Last Vegas did last week.  Quirky female buddy comedy for the win.




Information courtesy of Box Office Mojo.  Used with permission.

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