This Week in Box Office History: Treat to Behold

Pictured: Excellence in Execution.

This Week In Box Office History

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This Week in Box Office History takes a look at the last 30 years of top grossing movies.  Sifting through the celluloid, we review audience preferences and spot the trends in movie watching history.   OK, trying to get back to our regularly scheduled weekly wrap up.  This week features a ton of great movies, as it appears that Hollywood is in fine dramatic mode the first week of October.  And Steven Seagal is back.  I can hardly wait.

Marked for death movie - This Week in Box Office History
The gift that keeps giving.

The Trends:  Dramatic Thrillers, Visual Chillers, and Some Awful Stinkers as Well.

It can’t be all Oscar potentials all the time, but this Week in Box Office History Hollywood is sure doing its level best to pack the bench.  This week’s number one movie is the visually thrilling Gravity, of which you can read more here, and see more hereGravity pretty much sets the tone for the week.  The list is lousy with great movies, both visually and artistically.  It also lousy with a few lousy movies too.  How the marketing division (and audiences) go from The Departed to Beverly Hills Chihuahua is mind boggling.  Do people just get tired of watching consistently good movies after a while?

Disney's gameplan Movie, This week in box office history - Deluxe Video Online
Don’t answer that question, Dwayne.

Ten Dollars Gets You a Seat, but You’ll Only Need the Edge…

Seven Movie, This week in box office history - Deluxe Video Online
Screw “what’s in the box?” Answer “how did you get UPS to actually deliver on time?”


You could fill a top ten list of great thrillers on this week’s number 1’s alone.  Morgan Freeman strikes twice with Seven (1995) and Kiss the Girls (1997), as does Ashley Judd, who also stars this week in Double Jeapordy (1999).    Other big names in the genre include recent hits such as Taken 2 (2012), Training Day (2001) and The Departed (2006), as well as classic titles such as Alec Baldwin’s Malice (1993) and Kirk Douglas’ twin entries,  Black Rain (1989) and the infamous Fatal Attraction (1987).  You’d have to be God himself to find a better selection of slick leading men and talented femme fatales.

Sweeping Visuals Abound.

The Last of the Mohicans This week in box office history - Deluxe Video Online
But stay alive, he WILL find you…an inhaler.


Filling out the list this week in box office history  we have amazing cinematography in some critically acclaimed drama’s as well.  Standing out are Gorillas in the Mist and The Last of the Mohicans, two very different drama’s that are delights to behold (that they are also excellent movies for quality of acting and depth of story only add to the joy.)  Another bit of eye candy to grace the list this week is The Fisher King, which showcases both Terry Gilliam‘s flair for striking  imagery and a frenetic dramatic turn by Robbin Williams, one that hinted at his capability in roles other than comedy.  Could have done without his bare bottom though.  Get more sun Robbie.  Along with 2013’s 3D-CG spectacle, Gravity, you’re in for some sensory overload.  And an asthma attack from all the running Daniel Day-Lewis does.


The Dead Weight.


So I warned you that there would be some chaff in this fine harvest.  Once again audiences decided to reward Steven Seagal for slapping around a bunch of nobodies in Marked for Death.  Another ill advised movie was made about diminutive, yappy dogs in Beverly Hills Chihuahua.  And the Rock had to pay off his debt (and mortgage no doubt) to Disney in The Game Plan, marking the billionth time we’ve been suckered into watching a movie that paired a macho he-man with a child.  To hilarious effect.  Or not.  When will Hollywood learn that once Hulk Hogan plays a role, he OWNS it?

Mr Nanny movie, This week in box office history - Deluxe Video Online
Pictured: Excellence in Execution.

But by far the best, worst movie this week in box office history has to go the Governator, as Arnold Schwarzenegger swaggers his way through Commando, a movie made up almost entirely of one-liners.  The story exists solely as a prop to get from one witticism to the next, all while piling up the bullet and body count.  Even poor Sully.  Dude, you said you were going to kill Sully last.  Jerk.  At least the creepy dude in the sweet chain-mail shirt from Hot Topic gets it, too.

Notable Movies

Which movies this week in box office history weren’t notable?  Hard to choose from such a strong field, but my pick this week goes to 1986’s down under masterpiece, Crocodile Dundee.  This movie, the scourge of every Australian citizen to ever visit the United States, single-handedly launched the careers of both Paul Hogan and Foster’s Beer Company.  Thanks to Crocodile Dundee, impressionable youths the world over were able to fill their heads with amazingly offensive  stereotypes about a whole continent, as well as be able to properly identify which implement is indeed a knife.  Thank you, Paul Hogan, on behalf of the civilized world, thank you.

Crocodile Dundee movie This week in box office history - Deluxe Video Online
Now THIS is a…fork? Spoon? What’s my line again?

Information courtesy of Box Office Mojo.  Used with permission.


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