What’s New on Amazon Prime: February 2018.

What’s New on Amazon Prime: February 2018.

It’s a mixed bag this month for Amazon, both in terms of original content and in their selection of free movies.

Of the big three streaming platforms (Amazon, Hulu, Netflix), Amazon has the most uneven line-up this month.  Sure, Hulu only had one exclusive, but I have to bet that one solid series makes up for “Stinky and Dirty Valentine’s Day Special.”  Human Flow, a documentary about the migrant crisis looks amazing, and Absentia looks like a solid thriller miniseries… but Stinky and Dirty Valentine’s Day Special?

What's New on Amazon Prime: February 2018.
I can’t even.


And Dirty.

Valentine’s Day Special.

Sometimes I just don’t know.  At least Amazon is adding two of my favorite movies from 2017 to their streaming library:  Good Time and Logan Lucky.

Original Movies and Specials.

  • Stinky & Dirty Valentine’s Day Special  (2/13)
  • Human Flow  (2/16)

Our Pick:  Human Flow.

A stunning and stunningly beautiful documentary covering the human migration crisis across the world.

This is one of those documentaries, like The Look of Silence, that seems too beautiful to be about the harrowing material that is being exposed.  Even the most hardened heart is going to come away from this doc with at least an appreciation for the painstaking work put into making this.

Original Series.

  • Absentia: Season 1  (2/2)
  • Grand Prix Driver: Season 1  (2/9)
  • The Tick: Season 1B  (2/23)
  • Thunderbirds are Go!: Season 4  (2/23)

Our Pick:  Absentia.

An FBI agent hunting a deranged serial killer is declared dead after she goes missing for several years.  When she resurfaces, she not only has to fight to reclaim her old life, she has to convince her peers that she’s innocent of a grisly crime the killer pinned on her.

Like I said with my review of Solace, I’m pretty much a junky for this genre.  I’m hopeful that this series can blend elements of contemporary shows like Mindhunter and Hannibal, as the trailer is already giving me a “Silence of the Lambs” vibe.

Movie Release Schedule.

Feb. 1

    • American Idiots
    • Black Spurs
    • The Cutting Edge
    • The Cutting Edge: Going for the Gold
    • Daybreakers
    • A Fish Called Wanda
    • Gang Related
    • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    • The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard
    • Harsh Times
    • The Haunting
    • He Said, She Said
    • Hoodlum
    • Intersection
    • Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector
    • Lulu on the Bridge
    • Manhattan
    • Manhunter
    • Mermaids
    • Mystic Pizza
    • An Officer and a Gentleman
    • Red Dawn
    • Rollerball
    • Rollerball
    • Running Scared
    • Rustlers’ Rhapsody
    • Sabrina
    • Slow Burn
    • Swimming with Sharks
    • Terms of Endearment
    • The Thaw
    • Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her
    • The Warriors

Feb. 4

  • My Dead Boyfriend

Feb. 6

  • Danica


  • Mother’s Day

Feb. 10

  • Breathe
  • No Stone Unturned

Feb. 11

  • Run the Tide

Feb. 13

  • The Ballad of Lefty Brown

Feb. 14

  • National Lampoon Presents Cattle Call
  • Star Trek

Feb. 16

Feb. 18

  • Pocket Listing
  • Thanks for Sharing


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