What’s New on Amazon Prime: October 2019.

What's New on Amazon Prime: October 2019.

What’s New on Amazon Prime: October 2019.

Amazon Prime looks to scare you this Halloween with its alarming lack of new or interesting content.

Really?  Really, Amazon?  The selection of original and third party offerings on Amazon Prime Video this October is pathetic.  Couldn’t Jeff Bezos rummage around in his couch cushions for a few million dollars to get some, you know, movies?  I guess they were too busy rolling out wearable tech to leech your personal data to invest, instead of investing in content this month.  If they’d like to test out their facial recognition software, I’d be happy to teach the damn thing my unimpressed face.

OK.  So what are we actually getting.  I would say that one of Amazon’s staple series is getting a fresh season this month.  Billy Bob Thorton returns for a third season of Goliath.  If You Give a Mouse a Cookie is getting a Halloween special, so kudos for having one holiday offering.  Two new series make their debut this month, which almost makes up for absolutely no original movies hitting the service.  For classics and third party stuff, we get twelve new films.  Total.  All month.  Such rarities as A.I and Hoosiers.  Real timely material.  I guess I’m glad that this year’s strangest science fiction film, High Life, is now available to stream for free.  Check it out.  That should give you one excuse to fire up Prime in October.  Pretty much the only one.

“And this is the part of the ship where we keep the Amazon Firestick. We don’t go in there much.”

New and Notable.

    • Goliath, Season 3 (10/4):  Billy McBride (Thornton) is a rogue lawyer who takes on seemingly unwinnable cases against the rich and powerful.  After the death of a friend, he heads to cattle country to take on a billionaire rancher.

    • Modern Love, Season 1 (10/18):  This show interweaves vignettes about life, love, and family based upon the New York Times essay column, Modern Love.

    • Just Add Magic – New Protectors (10/25):  Three young girls discover a magical cookbook and learn to harness its recipes.  Now, they head to the bay area to teach three new youngsters how to handle their own magical confections.*

*Sorry, no trailer for this one.  Just Add Magic is apparently one of Amazon’s best performing pre-teen shows so of course they’re slow-walking info on if this is a holiday special, a one-off, or the long awaited fourth season.  Way to be a burnt fail-biscuit this month, Amazon.

Amazon Prime October 2019.

*Originals in Bold.

October 1

A.I. Artificial Intelligence

Astro Boy


Patriot Games

The Accused

The Great Gabbo

Glorifying the American Girl

October 3

High Life

October 4

Goliath (Season 3) 

October 11

Costume Quest (Season 1b) 

October 18

Kill Chain

Modern Love (Season 1 Premiere)

October 25

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Halloween Special  

Just Add Magic: New Protectors 

October 26

Killing Zoe

October 28

Unforgotten (Season 3)

Nobody’s Fool

October 30

In Search of Greatness

October TBD

Jestination Unknown, Season 1
One Mic Stand, Season 1

*If you want to check out a month with some actual movies in it, see Amazon’s September line up here.

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