What’s New on Hulu: October 2019.

What's New on Hulu: October 2019.

What’s New on Hulu: October 2019.

Lupita Nyong’o fights zombies and Castle Rock riffs on Misery as Hulu prepares for Halloween.

I may have squeed a little too hard last month as Hulu poured out a humongous portion of my favorite classic films.  This month sees a bit more of a sedate selection, though it does have plenty of Halloween offerings.  SAW I & II, An American Haunting, What Lies Beneath, and The Connecticut Haunting ring the doorbell in October.  Heck, there’s even the Blade Trilogy, which is scary bad, so that counts, right?

The big draw this month will be the amazing originals Hulu has got lined up.  Castle Rock is back for another season, as are other popular series like Into the Dark, Letterkenny, and Light as a Feather.  For movies, two great horror films land, one featuring Lupita Nyong’o as a schoolteacher on a class trip during the zombie apocalypse.  Class trips are scary enough without zekes!

“…so we always tie our shoelaces before fleeing zombies, right children?”

New and Notable.

    • Little Monsters (10/11):  Lupita Nyong’o is an kindergarten schoolteacher dealing with all the usual problems:  her class is amped up for their field trip, the other two chaperones (Josh Gad, Alexander England) are desperate to flirt with her, and the zombie apocalypse has suddenly broken out.  At least its not arts and crafts day.

    • Wounds (10/18):  A bartender finds a phone left behind at his bar, and opens it.  Then all hell breaks loose.  Features an intriguing cast with Armie Hammer, Zazie Beetz, and Dakota Johnson.

    • Castle Rock, Season 2 (10/23):  We return to Stephen King’s favorite fictional town, this time following a young Annie Wilkes…the book-obsessed super-fan from King’s Misery.

Hulu October 2019.

*Originals in Bold.

60 Days In (Season 5)

A.I. Artificial Intelligence 

Alien Encounters (Seasons 2,3)

American Pickers (Season 19)

An American Haunting

Born This Way (Seasons 3,4)


Blade 2

Blade: Trinity

Children of the Snow (Season 1)


Diners, Drive Ins and Dives (Season 26)

Event Horizon

I Am Frankie (Seasons 1,2)

Sailor Moon (Season 4)


Saw 2

The Dead Files (Seasons 7,8)

The Haunting in Connecticut

UFO Conspiracies (Season 1)

What Lies Beneath

October 4

Into The Dark: Uncanny Annie

Light as a Feather (Season 2, Part 2) 

Saints & Sinners (Season 4)

October 5

Drunk History (Season 6B)

October 7

Missing Link

October 11

Little Monsters 


October 13

The Last Face

October 14

Letterkenny (Season 7)

October 18

Looking for Alaska (Season 1) 


October 20

Catfish: The TV Show (Season 7D)

October 21

Fairy Tail (Season 9C)

October 23

Castle Rock (Season 2)

October 26

Killing Zoe

*See our picks for Hulu in September 2019 here.

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