What’s New on VOD: VUDU July 2017

What’s New on VOD: VUDU July 2017

We take a look at VUDU’s freebie and purchase options for July 2017.


Movies On Us
Decisions, Decisions.

VUDU tends to keep it’s new rental/own releases close to the vest, disseminating their newest blockbusters a week or so in advance on their blog. As such, I will focus primarily on their Movies on Us section, which will cover the entire month’s offerings.


As always, keep in mind VUDU thrives on getting you to own movies, so if there is a movie coming to theaters that you want to see, you can bet that VUDU is offering a pre-order the movie/get a movie ticket deal for it. Just check the website the week said movie is about to release.

My Picks…er…Pick

Looking down the list, there’s not too much to get excited about.  There aren’t any new selections this week for paid rentals, just four newish movies in the “Own Only” category which means you have to pay full price.  I can’t in good conscience recommend any of those.  I can’t believe The Boss Baby is actually out of theaters, seeing as it has made a bazillion dollars this year!  Also, fuck the Smurfs.

Coming Soon Trailers: Smurfs - The Lost Village.

So, that leaves us with the “Movies On Us” section to draw from, and only one movie in particular struck my fancy:

Much Ado About Nothing

Last month I recommended Keanu twice: once for John Wick Chapter 2, and again for Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey. I’m keeping the dream alive, as Keanu is in this Kenneth Branagh directed adaptation of Shakespeare’s rom-com. Branagh might as well be the reincarnation of the Bard, so you can rest assured this movie is of impeccable quality.

They just don’t make gloriously overblown trailer narration like that anymore!

Vudu – July 2017

Own Only

Free Fire (we gave this a Rent It, so just wait a week)
Smurf’s the Lost Village
Ghost in the Shell
The Boss Baby

Movies on Us

Dead Man Walking
The Secretary
New in Town
Red Dawn
Justin Beiber: Never Say Never (should you watch it: never)
An American Carol
You and I
The Bad News Bears
The Lovely Bones
The Thomas Crown Affair
A Guy Thing
How To Lose Friends and Alienate People
Fiddler on the Roof
Finding Bobby Fischer
Poltergeist 2 and 3
Much Ado About Nothing
A Dry White Season
From the Hip
Shadows and Fog
Life Stinks
Art School Confidential
The Substitute
The Iron Ivan (hmm, a foreign wrestling film. Oh Neil!)
Sometimes They Come Back Again (really?)
Sometimes They Come Back for More (oh fuck you)
Bowling For Columbine
True Crime
12 Angry Men
King Cobra
All Star Comedy Jam
The Cutting Edge
Return of the Pink Panther
The Stoned Age
A.K.A Cassius Clay
Car 54 Where Are You?
Once Bitten
Mannequin 2
Witness for the Prosecution
The Thief
The Offence


Every “Troll” movie you can think of… and even the ones you can’t!

Movies on Us? Stop trolling us VUDU.
…I’ll see myself out.

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